CNC turning

2 CNC lathe CKT 360×750
Max turning diameter: 360mm
Max turning lenght: 750mm
Bar capacity: 38mm
Spindle max rating: 3,7kW
Control: Sinumerik 808d

CNC milling

Vertical machining centre INTERCNC VMC400
Max table load: 150kg
CNC axis: 3
Travels: X/Y/Z 400x300x500
Spindle max rating: 3,7kW
Tools capacity: 12
Control: GSK 218MHc – connected with CAM system

CNC turning-milling

Max turning diameter: 305mm
Max turning lenght: 406mm
Bar capacity: 64mm
CNC axis: 4
Spindle max rating: 14,9kW
Control: HAAS


EDM max height: 350mm
Travels: 300×360
Table size: 600×403
Angular cutting – 6 degree
Accuracy: 0,01mm
Efficiency: 80-120mm^2/min
Control: AutoCut

Turning and milling

3 conventional machines:
2 lathes: turning diameter up to 360mm and length 750mm
Power: 1.5kw
38mm spindle passage
1.5kW milling and drilling machine for pre-treatment and small parts

TIG welding

Welding machine: ESAB CADDY TIG 2200i
Maximum current: 220A

We specialize mainly in welding stainless and acid-resistant steels. We focus on precise, small dimensions parts and parts requiring jigs.

MAG welding

We have 2 stations equipped with MAGNUM 280A industrial welders with a maximum welding current of 280A.

We mainly make platforms, transitions, stairs and frames for the needs of machine construction and production using the MAG method. We make constructions up to 3m in length and weighing up to 100kg.

CNC laser cutting

We make details according to customer specifications or according to the provided pattern. We make prototype elements and undertake serial production. We cut details up to 20mm thick in black steel and 15mm in stainless steel.

We bend or press cut details according to our technical capabilities.

Locksmith services

We have 2 band saws for cutting and material preparation.

We drill and thread holes. We have full capabilities in grinding, chamfering or deburring

We have a working post for glass slides after processing.

Assembly of machines and devices

We carry out assembly of machines and devices constructed by us as well as according to the customer’s design. We provide care for machines and warranty or post-warranty service.

We help in starting CNC machines and preparing them for work.

Repair of machines and parts regeneration

We undertake the regeneration of machine parts, replacement of components and making new components for repair based on the documentation provided or worn parts.

Mechanical CAD design

We have an advanced CAD-3D SolidWorks engineering design system.

We make full technical documentation for implemented projects, we process paper documentation into electronic. At the client’s request, we prepare material lists or auxiliary drawings.


Our CAD system is integrated with an advanced CAM system for computer-aided programming of CNC machines. It gives you the ability to quickly and effectively program the machine for machining even a very demanding detail.
We have the ability to program machine tools with Sinumerik, GSK218, HAAS control

Designing special tools

We make designs and prototypes of tools based on customer patterns as well as solely on the basis of his requirements and expectations.

We design and manufacture tools for the automotive industry, household appliances and the cosmetics industry


In connection with our welding services, we construct and perform welding equipment for both small and uncomplicated elements to very complex spatial constructions, e.g. motorcycle frames and scooters

Engineering visualizations and for marketing

We have software integrated with the CAD-Photo 360 system as well as separate KeyShot software, which allows us to develop a fully realistic product visualization before its actual implementation. We make visualizations for engineering and marketing purposes, e.g. checking product interest.


We have extensive experience in the design and construction of control and assembly devices for the needs of production, cosmetics and medical laboratories. We implement products for both small needs and mass production.